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How to Make Money Like a PGA Golf Pro

How to Make Money Like a PGA Golf Pro

October 22, 2020

Most people are betting their retirement success on a singular product (a
retirement portfolio held in a 401k, 403B, IRA, etc.). That is akin to buying
the most expensive set of golf clubs and expecting the clubs will help you
significantly improve your golf score every time you play golf over the
course of your entire lifetime.

Golf is a game that has four macro components and countless micro
elements that need to be mastered for you to play your best game:

  • The course - which includes the tee box, fairway, greens, rough and
  • The swing - which includes the grip, setup, takeaway, backswing and
    follow through.
  • Fitness - flexibility training, golf specific strength training, core
    training, cardiovascular training, and diet.
  • The rules of the game - player conduct, rules for playing rounds &
    holes, ball placement, penalties, etc.

The only way for a golfer to improve his or her golf score is to learn all the
micro elements of the game by working closely with a golf pro on a regular
basis for countless years over the course of their entire lifetime. The golf
clubs and the golf balls they use during each game are mostly irrelevant.

The only way for anyone to reach their maximum financial potential is
work with a macroeconomic manager who can teach them to look far
beyond products (i.e. a portfolio) and help them to master all the micro
components of their personal financial game from a macroeconomic

Here are some of the benefits and risk mitigation strategies you can learn
by working with a Certified Financial Planner ™ (financial pro) who uses
a macroeconomic model:

  • Protect your retirement accounts from market downturns like we had
    in 2008. That way you will have peace of mind because you will
    dramatically lower longevity risk (the risk of running out of money
    during the later stages of life).
  • Learn strategies that lower your future tax liability (tax rate increase
  • Help you determine the optimal way to collect Social Security
    benefits (law change risk).
  • Learn strategies that increase your retirement income while
    providing you with the freedom to spend and enjoy your retirement
    assets during the early years (spending constraints).
  • Help you to reach your maximum financial potential by showing you
    how to multiply your money and your rates of returns (inflation risk).
  • Help you to create an estate plan so that your assets are efficiently
    transferred to your heirs (errors & omissions risk).